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The Clay - Red Sunburst Dad Rag

“The Clay” Red Sunburst Muslin Cotton Dad Rag


We created a line of hard working burp cloths that dads can quickly and efficiently untuck from their back pockets when on duty burping their little one. Made of 100% GOTS approved organic cotton, our brand, Battle Rags has the comfort of your baby in mind while delivering unique one of a kind designs that provide the security and toughness of a dad.

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Rainbows Swaddle Blanket


Our line of baby swaddles are made of 100% GOTS approved organic muslin cotton. These super soft swaddles get softer with every wash. Generously sized at 47”x47”, our swaddles double as a comfortable blanket uniquely designed with our customers in mind.

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I have used my battlerag dad rag multiple times on multiple different spills. I used it to clean up a spilt slushee on a car seat and the seat wasn’t even sticky after using the battlereag. Already ordering a second.
TJ LSt Louis, MO
Battle Rags are made of some of the best quality material I have ever used. It is made of 100% organic cotton, and I keep one of them with me every day in my back pocket. I will definitely be acquiring more!
Kris BSt Louis, MO